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Pisgah Associates of Pathology and Pathologists' Medical Laboratory Announce Merger
The physicians of Pathologists’ Medical Laboratory, PA (PML), in Asheville, and Pisgah Associates of Pathology (Pisgah), in Hendersonville, are pleased to announce the merger of their two practices. The pathology practices will consolidate their practices at the PML location in Regional Medical Park just off Sweeten Creek Rd. at I-40. PML moved to its new expanded facility in June, 2004. The new group practice will operate its private lab as Pathologists’ Medical Laboratory, PA, doing business as PML Pathology, and the hospital based practice will operate as Mountain Area Pathology, PA (MAP). The merger will be effective on January 1, 2006.

Dr. Robert Dowdeswell of Pisgah emphasized that “the goal [of the merger] is to preserve, strengthen and grow locally based pathology services that we have been privileged to render to our patients and clients, and the hospitals of Western North Carolina. The combination of the two groups allows for the broadening of our platform of basic pathology consulting services with a greater number and wider spectrum of subspecialty skills.” Both Pisgah and PML have served the patients and physicians of Western North Carolina for over fifty years each.

The combination of the two practices will provide thirteen (13) pathologists. In addition to serving the physician practices of WNC, PML and MAP will continue to serve the Mission Hospitals, Margaret Pardee Hospital, Park Ridge Hospital, Transylvania Community Hospital and St. Luke’s Hospital. This will continue to ensure for the provision of locally based pathology services supporting the physicians and people of Western North Carolina, as well as the local economy. The contact telephone number for PML and MAP is (828) 253-0762.

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