Gynecologic Pathology (Pap Smears)

  • PML provides a full spectrum of cytopathology services, including routine screening and diagnostic testing of gynecologic specimens. 
  • Our laboratory processes more than 50,000 Pap tests annually; the majority are performed by a liquid-based method (ThinPrep®).  PML also implemented the ThinPrep® Imaging System, an automated image analysis system that aids cytotechnologists with primary screening.  The computer imaging, in multiple large studies, increases the detection rate of high-grade premalignant lesions compared to manual screening alone.  All Pap tests are rescreened by experienced, licensed cytotechnologists. 
  • The majority of routine gynecologic cytology results are available within two working days of specimen receipt in the laboratory.  Additional HPV/infectious disease tesing will increase the turnaround time to four days. 
  • PML employs a rigorous quality assurance program with 100% rescreening of all Pap tests on patients with abnormal histories in addition to the 10% random rescreening.  Correlation with surgical specimens is performed quarterly.  Correlation data for ASCUS/HPV findings with surgical biopsies are also tracked regularly. 
  • All abnormal Pap tests are reviewed by board-certified cytopathologists.  HPV (high risk), chlamydia and gonorrhea assays are also part of our in-house testing menu.  HSV testing is performed at an approved reference laboratory.  Cystic fibrosis testing is also available upon request. 
  • Our outstanding cytopathology services include:
    • Liquid based pap smears
    • Conventional pap smears
    • Immunohistochemistry services


Nongynecologic Cytopathology

  • PML cytopathologists interpret more that 5,000 non-gynecologic specimens annually.  The cytopathology laboratory provides a full spectrum of non-gynecologic cytology services, including the processing and evaluation of the following specimen types:
    • Pulmonary: fine needle aspiration, sputum, bronchial brushing/washing and bronchial lavage (including evaluation for opportunistic infections and cell differentials).
    • Urologic: voided/instrumented urine and washings/brushings of urinary tract/bladder/uretha.
    • Body Cavity Fluids: plueral, pericardial, peritoneal and synovial fluids; pelvic washings.
    • Cerebrospinal Fluid.
    • Gastrointestinal: brushings/washings of alimentary canal and biliary tract.
    • Fine needle aspirations of palpable and US-guided lesions (breast, thyroid, lymph nodes, etc.).  Flow cytometry on suspicious lymphoid processes is performed at an approved reference laboratory. 
    • Other Sources: breast nipple secretions and ductal lavage, skin scrapings (including Tzanck smears for detection of herpetic infection), ophthalmologic specimens and anorectal cytology.
  • The turnaround time for non-gynecologic specimens is generally one working day after laboratory receipt of the specimen, unless special studies or consultation is required for final interpretation. 
  • We will provide consulting services for any gynecologic or non-gynecologic cytology case performed at an outside laboratory. 


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